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Project Duration: 2 weeks • March - April 2021

This design project included the unique experience of working with the International Space Station and the former Senior Education Manager of the ISS, Dan Barstow. There is currently a mass archive of photos of Earth, taken from the ISS, that are not in use other than being available online. This project with the ISS will explore ways to use these amazing photos to encourage sustainability, raise awareness of the overview effect, and inspire people in their daily lives.

Within two weeks, a refined concept was formed, proposing that the Windows On Earth photos should be displayed to the public through immersive exhibits. Inspired by the Immersive Van Gogh museums, the Overview Effect Exhibit would showcase photos of Earth, expanded and fragmented to fill an open-concept exhibit. Each exhibit would feature moving canvases, accompanied by music, audio from astronaut interviews, and visual information about the exhibit’s location. This project had a short timeline, and all of the work was done online, including insightful reviews from ISS staff. 

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