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Project Details: 3 weeks • April 2020


The design of these headphones is based on the brand Garmin. This is a major technology company that specializes in GPS devices. As a group, research was done on this multinational company in order to understand their values, target audiences, and design language. From that research, various headphones were designed individually while targeting specific audiences. This type of project is known as a brand extension project. In this, a product that is not part of the existing line is designed based on the company's brand, design language, and existing products.


For this brand extension, the focus was headphones for fitness activities. Many iterations were sketched, exploring overall form, as well as smaller details. To integrate seamlessly into Garmin's accessories, the headphone design was inspired by many existing Garmin products. Watch band patterns, common shapes, and the overall brand language were all considered.


The final headphones design merged fitness wear and the Garmin brand in seamlessly. Prioritizing comfort and style, these headphones would fit right in with other Garmin accessories. To integrate the brand more, these headphones would be wireless and connect to the wearer's phone using technology used in other Garmin products. The final design was presented in two ways to practice various design techniques. On the left is a digital sketch render of the product, and on the right is the Solidworks 3D model. This 3D model was then rendered in Keyshot.

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