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Project Details: 3 weeks • October - November 2019

This cute product is a small, child-friendly nutcracker. Cubie is made up of simple, recognizable shapes, and every part is perfectly sized for children to use easily. Made from metal and oak wood, Cubie has a simple, handmade look. These materials also offer stability and the hardwood can handle being dropped. This nutcracker also has minimal steps and is intuitive to use, providing a playful way for kids to get a healthy snack. 

This individual project was an opportunity to design an unfamiliar and uncommon product. Designing Cubie involved many concepts and preliminary ideas. The making of this product also involved using a woodshop and machine shop to build a working model. From shop class throughout high school, building in a shop was not a new experience. However, this project required in-depth consultations with laboratory technicians to transform sketches and rough working drawings into a functioning nutcracker. This collaboration between designer and other professionals is imperative for good design.

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