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Project Details: 5 weeks • January - February 2020

Keyosk is a wall-mounted organizer for small items that are found in a home's foyer. This could include pens, wallets, glasses, and of course keys. A unique feature of this organizer is the sliding picture frame that opens up to a cubie. This feature allows the homeowner to personalize the product, and it is a decorative as well as functional.

The main focus of this project was in the problem analysis. In design, products are made to satisfy a user's needs and those needs are often related to a problem. Extensive problem analysis was carried out individually, exploring the environment and common user habits. From this analysis, many solutions were conceptualized. Once a definitive design was made, prototypes and working drawings were made. The final step was making the final model. In all, it was learned that there is a process to designing good products. The long process may not be seen by consumers, however, it is well worth the time.

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