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Project Details: 1 Year • 2022 - 2023 • Capstone Project


For my graduating year of my bachelor's of Industrial Design, a team of four students and I collaborated for our Capstone Project. Together, we researched, identified key characteristics, and found gaps in our focus topic: co-working. We then each worked individually to design a service or product that helps fill one of the gaps we discovered. Throughout the design, testing, and refinement phases, our team continued to meet regularly for updates and feedback on our respective designs. I am thankful to Laure Saphira Bijoux, Tiana Fabrikis, Alexandria Armstrong, and Camryn O'Donell for their teamwork and help throughout our Capstone Project. 

This project was also completed in thanks to many Carleton University professionals. This includes the project supervisor, Industrial Design Assistant Professor Tim Haats, and also the Carleton School of Industrial Design technicians Walter Zanetti and Paul Durocher.

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