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Erika MacGregor

Erika MacGregor headshot 300x300.png

My name is Erika and I am an Industrial Designer, Masters of Design student, and 2023 alumna of Carleton University. I am a creative and passionate designer who takes initiative and loves collaborating with others. I aspire to design in the medical field, working on products and systems to create meaningful hospital experiences. I am familiar with medical settings through my family and work experiences, and I know medical design affects patients and staff alike. Design also affects the emotional and physical comfort of patients, and the effectiveness of medical care received. I hope to encourage and further develop my design values in this field of work.

These values include human centered design, from the research phase to the final design and future speculations. I want to be inclusive and representative in what I do, especially for marginalized people groups, while also being aware of my own biases. This includes creating more accessible spaces and products to welcome and enable people with disabilities. I also believe design is about the mundane and small details just as much as it is about the exciting and big-picture ideas. Furthermore, I want to design mindfully, being environmentally conscious, not simply creating for self-interest or adding to the ever-growing amount of stuff in the world.

Aside from being an aspiring industrial designer and a university student, I am also an extrovert, a Chinese Canadian adoptee, a dog lover, and an avid doodler. I also love to travel and immersing myself in new cultures and new experiences. Moreover, I am perseverant, hard working, and am a great problem-solver. 

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