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Project Details: 3 weeks • November - December 2018

Star is a phone stand that elevates the user's phone to eyelevel and offers multiple angles for the phone to rest at. In the age of smartphones, video calls, and entertainment streaming, phone stands are very useful. They are convenient and also help reduce neck and back strain. People use their phones in various places, and so Star is also collapsible. This collapsibility helps with portability and storage, and it is only a five-step process. This phone stand is also only made of corrugated cardboard and two elastic bands. This limit in materials created challenges because no adhesives could be added. However, the end product is a strong, angular stand that can hold a phone steady regardless of size or orientation.


While designing Star, many prototypes were made to test space, form, stability, and function. The need for a small, collapsible, sturdy, cardboard product made the design challenging. The end product is creative and simple, yet highly functional.

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